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packagenew package lino.reports (05.01.05)guesscoding
packagesLino is a suite of Python packages
pagePdfTextPrinter page margins (19.01.07)Specifying page margin in TextPrinter() (05.02.07)laulud.pyobsolete example : Win32PrinterDocument Test page
PanelSetting buttons on a Panel as default button (21.01.05)
PaperSizeNoneType' object has no attribute 'PaperSize' (10.01.07)
paradigmnew paradigm for Details (04.03.06)
parameterwin32ui: CDC::TextOut failed - The parameter is incorrect. (10.08.06)
parserchanged command-line parser setup (19.04.05)
pathAdd Lino to your Python path
pDevModepDevMode returned by win32print.GetPrinter() is None (04.02.07)
PdfMakerPdfMakerA first use case for PdfMaker (23.09.06)
PdfSearchAbout PdfSearch (25.07.05)
PdfTextPrinterPdfTextPrinterPdfTextPrinter page margins (19.01.07)PdfTextPrinter now digests any font size (20.01.07)75TextPrinter
performanceTIM tools performance (30.03.05)
PinboardPinboardpinboard_timwebs.pypinboardpinboard_tablesLoaders for Pinboard (09.07.05)Converting pinboard (13.02.06)
PlanningPlanning the Lino versioning system (25.01.05)
playstarted to play with Pmw (10.02.06)
PmwContribDinspecting PmwContribD (12.02.06)
pointfixed point mathematics (06.04.06)
PointerPointerF1 on a Pointer works again (24.03.06)
populatemultiple connections, populate() (10.01.05)
PopulatingPopulating databases
populationpopulation of Belgian cities (03.05.05)
PopulatorPopulatornew class Populator (24.01.05)
positionabsolute image position for TextPrinter (28.11.06)Win32TextPrinter.insertImage() inserts at wrong position (19.01.07)
PricePrice indexing using the Belgian «indice santé» (19.07.05)
primaryChanging the primary key of a row (24.03.06)
printwriteln()trying to print in landscape (28.04.05)77Win32TextPrinter now calls win32print.OpenPrinter() (23.05.06)pDevMode returned by win32print.GetPrinter() is None (04.02.07)
PrinterPrinter Control CommandsDOS printer emulatorWhat is a text-capable printer?Why does TextPrinter emulate only a fictive printer? shows information about Windows default printer (25.05.06)
PrinterDocumentobsolete example : Win32PrinterDocument Test page
printingprinting multiple copies using prnprint (28.06.05)Printing in landscape using SetWorldTransform() (28.04.05)Landscape printing works (11.08.06)How to test prnprint landscape printing (11.08.06)
printsinsertImage()prnprint indicates where it prints (09.04.07)
prnprintprnprintprnprintprnprint computed wrong font size (13.01.05)prnprint now supports setLpi() (14.01.05)prnprint and images (28.04.05)prnprint swallowed empty lines (17.10.05)prnprint on system with codepage 437 (17.11.05)prnprint and chcp (10.09.06)prnprint used an unexpected font (15.10.06)prnprint and prn2pdf now produce similar output (06.02.07)prnprint indicates where it prints (09.04.07)73new TIM driver PRNPRINT.DRV (28.04.05)How to test prnprint landscape printing (11.08.06)Changes in prnprint (12.08.06)fixed: bug in prnprint 0.6.19 (29.08.06)DeprecationWarning during prnprint (20.05.05)new option useWorldTransform for prnprint (16.12.05)printing multiple copies using prnprint (28.06.05)
ProblemProblem reportsExplanation for problem 47 (31.05.06)
problemsproblems with pysqlite (11.01.05)
processuse OpenOffice to process documents? (26.03.05)worked on release process (25.01.05)UI
produceprnprint and prn2pdf now produce similar output (06.02.07)
ProgrammingPython Programming on Win32
progressWork in progress25
progressbarconsole has now a progressbar() (04.02.05)worked on Job, Task and ProgressBar (04.03.05)
ProgressBarsTasks, Jobs and ProgressBars (21.02.05)
projectProject 49 can wait (16.07.06)Why did you start your own project?
projectsProjectsProjects marked "done"Projects marked "todo"sync now supports multiple projects (25.11.05)
protocolThe DICT protocol (27.10.05)RFC 2229 : A Dictionary Server ProtocolRFC 2821 : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
PublicGNU General Public License
pyExceleratorpyExcelerator doesn't find messages (14.03.05)
PyQtIntegrating PyQt into Lino (18.01.07)getting started with PyQt (10.01.07)
pysqlitepysqlite and unicode strings (01.05.05)pysqlite2.dbapi2.OperationalError (04.06.05)pysqlite 2.0.4 solves the crash (12.09.05)pysqliteupgrading pysqlite on Leo (29.04.05)25problems with pysqlite (11.01.05)27
PythonWhy Python?PythonDBO: Python Database ObjectsPDO (Python Database Objects)Python DialogPython xdialogPython Programming on Win32Python Unicode TutorialPython and UnicodePython Database API Specification v2.0 (1999)Python GUI FAQPython Imaging Library (PIL)Install Python and dependenciesNeeded Python modulesuse standard Python logging module? (10.03.05)trying it on Python 2.4 (06.09.05)Add Lino to your Python pathLino is a suite of Python packagesclass methods in Python 2.3 (23.03.06)cryptography with Python (09.05.06)Lino now uses Python 2.5 (22.12.06)Using OpenOffice from Python (04.10.06)Generalization of Deferred Execution in PythonDeveloping a Full-Text Indexer in Python (2001)sql2value()
python-dateutilpython-dateutil 1.0 (22.07.05)
python-sqliteInstalling python-sqlite on Woody
Python-UNOPython-UNO bridge
PythonWinInvoking from PythonWin (10.08.06)
pyWebReplace HyperText with pyWeb? (22.01.06)

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