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prnprint and prn2pdf now produce similar output

Tuesday, 6. February 2007 18:00.

The problem in Win32TextPrinter.insertImage() inserts at wrong position (19.01.07) was not only the actual image insertion, but also that a same source file produced quite different results with Win32TextPrinter compared to PdfTextPrinter. Now it is getting better.

It remains a tuning work because PDF and the Windows Graphic Device Interface have different methods of specifying font metrics.

I used the new file 7.PRN to do the fine tuning of Win32TextPrinter.ratio_size2leading:

lino prn2pdf 7.prn -vv
lino prnprint 7.prn -vv -o c:\
start c:\

The double --verbose or -v option sets the Session to «very verbose» which is a synonym for «debug» mode. And in debug mode the two textprinters now draw a raster (drawDebugRaster()) which helps to comapre the positioning of images and text.

Win32TextPrinter asks now win32con.FW_SEMIBOLD to specify «normal» font weight and FW_EXTRABOLD to specify «bold». This is because the Microsoft Courier font is designed «meagerly» and people complain that a normal text isn't readable enough, especially when sent through a fax. It is a pity though that i cannot apply this workaround for PdfTextPrinter.

New command-line option --fontSize or -s for prnprint and prn2pdf. This was useful to test whether file 7.PRN works for different font sizes.

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