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objectNoneType' object has no attribute 'PaperSize' (10.01.07)sql2value()
ObjectsDBO: Python Database ObjectsPDO (Python Database Objects)Twisted Enterprise Row Objects
Obsoleteobsolete example : Win32PrinterDocument Test pageUIguesscodingRelease notes (obsolete)
OFFSETLIMIT and OFFSET with kinterbasdb? (12.09.05)
onlyWhy does TextPrinter emulate only a fictive printer?
oogenoogen63new script: oogen (03.01.05)worked on oogen (01.03.05)migrate oogen to gendoc (17.06.05)64
OpenOfficeuse OpenOffice to process documents? (26.03.05)OpenOfficeA Nice OpenOffice API (25.10.05)Using OpenOffice from Python (04.10.06)Using's XML Data FormatImporting HTML to OpenOffice (20.04.06)oogen
OpenPrinterWin32TextPrinter now calls win32print.OpenPrinter() (23.05.06)Win32TextPrinter no longer calls OpenPrinter() (25.05.06) again included in TIM tools (05.04.05)
OperationalErrorpysqlite2.dbapi2.OperationalError (04.06.05)25
optionnew option useWorldTransform for prnprint (16.12.05)about the showProgress option for sync (14.03.05)sync: new command-line option "--ignore" (16.12.06)removed --progress command line option of sync (12.10.06)
OptionParserlino now uses OptionParser (06.03.06)
OrientationSetting devmode.Orientation when creating the DC (09.08.06)
outputfrozen GUI applications and console output (09.03.05)prnprint and prn2pdf now produce similar output (06.02.07)7532

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