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Why did you start your own project?

I have been writing customized database applications for over 10 years. I am tired of looking for the perfect framework. Now I am going to write it myself!

Of course the question arises: am I re-inventing the wheel? That's quite possible. Lino is an experimental project. It is possible that parts of Lino are going to vanish completely if appropriate existing software solutions can be used.

«There is a certain charm to seeing someone happily advocate a triangular wheel because it has one less bump per revolution than a square wheel does. (Chuck Swiger)»

«Someone, somewhere said that you should at least skim through the standard library of the language of your choice, just because you shouldn't be re-inventing the wheel all the time. (But don't underestimate the value of re-inventing the wheel.» (Jarno Virtanen)

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