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samecheck_same_thread (18.11.05)7532
sandboxsandboxmoved html2oo to sandbox (17.01.05)
santéPrice indexing using the Belgian «indice santé» (19.07.05)
SargeUpgrading Debian from Woody to Sarge (testing)
satalino.forms : data grid and sata entry forms work (18.01.05)
saxutilsxml.sax.saxutils no longer missing (22.09.06)ImportError: No module named xml.sax.saxutils (05.09.06)
SchemaschemaSchemaMerged Schema and AdamoApplication (22.05.05)
scriptnew script: oogen (03.01.05)new script html2oo (16.01.05)Script for reproducing the hebrew transformation (23.09.05)New script (25.05.06)27
Scriptsscriptslino.scriptswrapper for the lino scripts (14.01.05)lino.scripts now contains real scripts (13.03.06)
ScrollbarsScrollbars of the wxGrid (20.07.06)
searchKeeper's search dialog works (15.07.05)10indexed Full-Text search (28.02.05)Keeper now with «Search» dialog (17.04.05)
selfself._sqlName (14.09.05)
sendUsing Thunderbird to edit and send generated e-mails (11.05.06) and non-ascii sender (07.06.07)
sendmailsendmail.pysendmailSendmail logging (26.08.05) ImportError: No module named generator (08.05.07) several bugs fixed (06.06.07) and non-ascii sender (07.06.07)The resurrection of (03.05.07)
serverRFC 2229 : A Dictionary Server moved to new server (26.12.04)
SessionSessionSession.showForm() (24.09.05)TextPrinters now use Session.debug() (11.08.06)jobs1.pyDbSession no longer a Session (01.07.05)DbSession again a Session (07.07.05)Dependencies between Session and lino.forms (25.01.06)form, application, session, toolkit and console (08.03.06)system console and system session (01.07.05)
SessionsSessions, Tasks & Co (09.12.05)
setlocalencodingsetlocalencoding() in no longer necessary (09.10.06)setlocalencoding()
setLpiprnprint now supports setLpi() (14.01.05)
SettingSetting buttons on a Panel as default button (21.01.05)Setting devmode.Orientation when creating the DC (09.08.06)
setupchanged command-line parser setup (19.04.05)
setupMenusetupMenu()setupMenu()Navigator, Report and setupMenu() (18.07.05)
SetWorldTransformPrinting in landscape using SetWorldTransform() (28.04.05) several bugs fixed (06.06.07)
SharedShared tablesshared tables with different language contexts (19.01.05)
shouldwhy i should use the logging module (09.05.06)
showshow GUI console window during startup (13.03.05)
showAboutui.showAbout() (01.03.05)
showFormSession.showForm() (24.09.05)
showProgressabout the showProgress option for sync (14.03.05) shows information about Windows default printer (25.05.06)forms.tixforms now shows tabular data (11.02.06)
shutdownautomatic shutdown (12.01.05)
similarprnprint and prn2pdf now produce similar output (06.02.07)
SimpleRFC 2821 : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
simplifysimplify DataRow? (03.03.06)
singlemove all test cases to a single directory (06.06.05)HK_CHAR
singletonmoving away from a singleton console (12.03.05)gui
sitesetlocalencoding() in no longer necessary (09.10.06)
sitecustomizesitecustomize.pymoved (11.03.06)customize
sizesetCpi()PdfTextPrinter now digests any font size (20.01.07)prnprint computed wrong font size (13.01.05)ratio_size2leading
sizessizes of fonts and images (23.10.06)Re: sizes of fonts and images (24.10.06)
slowexplanation for slow startup (12.04.05)
snapshotGet an SVN snapshotLino snapshot on a Windows PC (10.08.06)
SoftwareInformation For Maintainers of GNU Software
solutiona clever solution (22.03.06)
SolvedSolved flaws of the test suite (23.01.06)Solved: TextOut failed (13.08.06)
solvespysqlite 2.0.4 solves the crash (12.09.05)
somesome tests were broken (11.02.06)Some tests still failing (26.02.06)some timtools broken in 0.6.20 (21.09.06)
sourcesync now accepts "\\computer\path" as source or target (11.12.06)
sourceforgemoved from to (20.03.05)
spacingabout line spacing (23.10.06)ratio_size2leading
SpecificationPython Database API Specification v2.0 (1999)
SpecifyingSpecifying page margin in TextPrinter() (05.02.07)setCpi()
sprlsprl1.pysprl2.pysprlLedger replaces Sprl (16.08.05)
SQLAlchemySQLAlchemy (16.08.06)
sqlitesqlite_dbdsqlite: database table is locked (28.08.05)sqlite and multi-threaded access (16.11.05)Is crash due to sqlite? (05.09.05)Trying firebird instead of sqlite (06.09.05)
sqlNameself._sqlName (14.09.05)
src\lino\runscriptmoved src\lino\timtools\ to src\lino\ (27.01.05)
src\lino\timtools\callmoved src\lino\timtools\ to src\lino\ (27.01.05)
stablenot yet ready to run on a stable Debian (02.02.06)
standarduse standard Python logging module? (10.03.05)Standard names for common keyboard events (22.06.06)UI
startWhy did you start your own project?start to make use of Lupy (13.04.05)Task
startedstarted with dbfreader (04.01.05)started lino.forms (13.01.05)started using 0.6.3 (16.02.05)Started Keeper (20.02.05)started formColumnGroups (26.07.05)Started firebird database driver (06.09.05)started to play with Pmw (10.02.06)started lino.forms.qt (17.01.07)Getting started with Lupy (05.04.05)getting started with PyQt (10.01.07)
startupstartup()startup()explanation for slow startup (12.04.05)224show GUI console window during startup (13.03.05)
static6Displaying an application as a static website (03.06.05)
stdinprn2pdf now uses sys.stdin.encoding (25.03.05)
stdouttesting whether stdout is redirected to a file (22.08.05)
stillstill encoding (21.02.06)Still working on tests (15.03.06)Some tests still failing (26.02.06)
stoppedWhy I stopped to use wxPython (06.03.06)
stopsruntests now stops upon first error or failure (03.05.05)
StorestoreStoreNew method Store.query() (24.01.05)
storingstoring entries before (23.01.05)
strategyNew strategy to define application reports (13.02.06)
stringcomparing Unicode and string (16.10.06)format()parse()sql2value()
stringsempty strings or NULL (15.07.05)pysqlite and unicode strings (01.05.05)DbfReader converts empty strings to None (24.09.05)
structureChanged database structure in Contacts (24.03.06)
subclassablesubclassable Tasks (13.03.06)
subclassesForms now implemented as subclasses (11.03.06) no longer recurses into subdirectories (27.02.06)
subdirssync no longer recurses into subdirs (24.11.05)
subqueriessubqueries and filters (29.04.05)filters on subqueries: first success (06.05.05)
subqueryfirst subquery working (02.05.05)
SUBSTCrash is because of SUBST (05.09.05)Crash is not because of SUBST (06.09.05)
successfilters on subqueries: first success (06.05.05)
successesfirst successes with cherrypy as toolkit (23.01.06)
successorLino is the successor for TIM
suiteLino is a suite of Python packagestest suite again functional (28.05.06)Solved flaws of the test suite (23.01.06)
supportlino sync: support for multiple --ignore (04.06.07)
supportsprnprint now supports setLpi() (14.01.05)sync now supports multiple projects (25.11.05)guesslang now supports French (08.04.06)oogen
SurfSurf notes
swallowedprnprint swallowed empty lines (17.10.05)
SwitchedSwitched from Webman to TIM (29.12.04)
SwitchingSwitching from wxPython to Tkinter (31.12.05)
syncsyncsyncsync completely rewritten (17.02.05)sync no longer recurses into subdirs (24.11.05)sync now supports multiple projects (25.11.05)sync didn't work (12.04.06)'s verbosity (12.06.06)Sync broken in 0.6.20 and 0.6.19 (06.09.06)sync now accepts "\\computer\path" as source or target (11.12.06)sync: new command-line option "--ignore" (16.12.06)sync and Unicode filenames (03.01.07)sync --ignore failed to ignore directory names (20.05.07)working on sync (17.02.05)UnicodeEncodeError in Sync when exefied (06.10.06)lino sync: support for multiple --ignore (04.06.07)about the showProgress option for sync (14.03.05)removed --progress command line option of sync (12.10.06)
SynchronizerSynchronizerfixed a typo bug in (29.05.07)Task
syntaxchanged syntax for Table.init() (11.01.05)change table definition syntax (12.08.05)
SyntaxErrorSyntaxError after upgrade 2.3.4 to 2.4.1 (06.09.05)
sysconsysconsyscon now creates an automatic Application (13.08.06)
sysinfosysinfosysinfosysinfo displays result of EnumFontFamilies() (08.09.06)New script (25.05.06)
systemSystem Menu depends on Toolkit (25.01.06)prnprint on system with codepage 437 (17.11.05)system console and system session (01.07.05)setlocalencoding()Planning the Lino versioning system (25.01.05)KnowledgeTree Document Management System

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