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failedprn2pdf failed on landscape documents (29.03.05)runpy.exe failed when frozen (11.12.05)win32ui: CDC::TextOut failed - The parameter is incorrect. (10.08.06)Test 77 failed (19.09.06)Solved: TextOut failed (13.08.06)sync --ignore failed to ignore directory names (20.05.07)
failingSome tests still failing (26.02.06)
failscommit fails (27.05.06)Test 73 fails (30.08.06)
failureruntests now stops upon first error or failure (03.05.05)
failuresTest failures resolved (21.09.06)
fetchallfetchall()Query.fetchall() (29.08.05)
fictiveWhy does TextPrinter emulate only a fictive printer?
fieldFieldThe first Raceman installation on the field (13.03.05)
fieldsBoolean fields (14.07.05)
Filefile references don't work (13.01.05)Xbase File Format Descriptionidea: use a lino.cfg file? (18.02.06)Extracting text content from a PDF file (25.07.05)testing whether stdout is redirected to a file (22.08.05)jpgrename no longer asks for every file (11.01.06)7732
filenamesNon-Ascii filenames (12.10.06)sync and Unicode filenames (03.01.07)
filereffileref links on the website finally work (06.05.05)
filesFilesjpgrename for avi files (30.10.05)3273Runtime data files (05.09.05)How to read Excel's .xls files (22.03.06)Examples of textprinter input filescopyright notices in Lino files (13.01.05)Extracting text from PDF files (13.03.06)
FilterFilterfilter()Query: findone(), filter() and child() (23.03.06)
filtersfilters1.pyfilters2.pyfiltersfilters on subqueries: first success (06.05.05) needs DetailColumn (04.03.06)subqueries and filters (29.04.05)
finallyfileref links on the website finally work (06.05.05)
findCannot find Directories row (21.05.05) doesn't find messages (14.03.05)
findonefindone()Query: findone(), filter() and child() (23.03.06)
firebirdfirebirdTrying firebird instead of sqlite (06.09.05)working on firebird connection (07.09.05)Started firebird database driver (06.09.05)
first6364first lino.forms examples did work (15.01.05)The first Raceman installation on the field (13.03.05)first subquery working (02.05.05)first successes with cherrypy as toolkit (23.01.06)A first use case for PdfMaker (23.09.06)filters on subqueries: first success (06.05.05)runtests now stops upon first error or failure (03.05.05)
fixedFixed bugsfixed: risizing form doesn't resize content (18.01.05)fixed tests 11 and 42 (01.03.06)fixed test 19 (03.03.06)fixed point mathematics (06.04.06)fixed: bug in prnprint 0.6.19 (29.08.06)fixed a typo bug in (29.05.07) several bugs fixed (06.06.07)
fixedpointfixedpoint"fixedpoint" is called "decimal" (25.05.06)
flawsSolved flaws of the test suite (23.01.06)Cosmetic flaws (23.07.06)
fontFont height/width ratio with Win32TextPrinter (22.09.06)setCpi()Win32TextPrinter and font width/height ratio (02.06.05)PdfTextPrinter now digests any font size (20.01.07)prnprint computed wrong font size (13.01.05)prnprint used an unexpected font (15.10.06)ratio_size2leading
fontDictWin32TextPrinter uses LOGFONT instead of fontDict (12.08.06)
fontssizes of fonts and images (23.10.06)Re: sizes of fonts and images (24.10.06)
formFormFormForm.addDataEntry() (19.01.05)form, application, session, toolkit and console (08.03.06)The docstring of a form (18.07.06)GUIfixed: risizing form doesn't resize content (18.01.05)Inserting rows in a form (10.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (13.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (16.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (18.04.06)UI
Formatformat()Xbase File Format DescriptionRFC 2822 : Internet Message FormatUsing's XML Data Format
formColumnGroupsformColumnGroups works (31.07.05)started formColumnGroups (26.07.05)
formsforms (define your user interface)forms1.pyforms2.pyforms3.pyforms4.pyformsformsforms.tixforms now shows tabular data (11.02.06)forms.tixforms.DataGrid and column widths (11.02.06)Forms now implemented as subclasses (11.03.06)ledger_formslino.forms.keyboard is evolving (27.05.06)started lino.forms (13.01.05)first lino.forms examples did work (15.01.05)continued on lino.forms (17.01.05)Raceman now a complete Forms application (26.01.05)Merge gendoc and forms? (26.05.06)About lino.forms.keyboard (27.05.06)started lino.forms.qt (17.01.07)event handling in lino.forms (21.01.05)Note about testing forms (22.01.06)EasyGUI another concurrent for lino.forms (24.02.05)Dependencies between Session and lino.forms (25.01.06)lino.forms : data grid and sata entry forms work (18.01.05)
forummoved normalDate from forum to (04.01.05)
frameworkyet another data application framework (07.12.05)
Frenchguesslang now supports French (08.04.06)
fristRaceman, the frist Lino application (17.01.05)
fromSwitched from Webman to TIM (29.12.04)moved from to (20.03.05)Recovering from api changes (31.05.05)Switching from wxPython to Tkinter (31.12.05)Upgrading Debian from Woody to Sarge (testing)21moved normalDate from forum to (04.01.05)moving away from a singleton console (12.03.05)Extracting text from PDF files (13.03.06)mirror loading from DBF reanimated (24.07.06)Invoking from PythonWin (10.08.06)Using OpenOffice from Python (04.10.06)627Extracting text content from a PDF file (25.07.05)Where the Runtime Data comes fromcustomizescriptsgui
frozenfrozen GUI applications and console output (09.03.05)frozen console applications with non-ascii chars (10.03.05)runpy.exe failed when frozen (11.12.05)
Full-Textindexed Full-Text search (28.02.05)Developing a Full-Text Indexer in Python (2001)
functionNew function ispure() (26.02.06)
functionalTestcases again functional (02.09.05)test suite again functional (28.05.06)

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