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called"fixedpoint" is called "decimal" (25.05.06)
Calling33Calling Job.done() earlier than thought (17.06.05)
callsWin32TextPrinter now calls win32print.OpenPrinter() (23.05.06)Win32TextPrinter no longer calls OpenPrinter() (25.05.06)
CannotCannot find Directories row (21.05.05)25
caseA first use case for PdfMaker (23.09.06)format()parse()
caseswaiting test cases (04.05.05)move all test cases to a single directory (06.06.05)
cellsReportRow.values instead of .cells (13.07.05)
centercenternew Center.connect() (02.03.05)
changechange table definition syntax (12.08.05)How to change the default console codepage (11.09.06)
changedchanged syntax for Table.init() (11.01.05)changed command-line parser setup (19.04.05)Changed database structure in Contacts (24.03.06)wxWindows keycodes have changed (03.01.07)
ChangesChanges on this WebsiteChanges in prnprint (12.08.06)Code changeslots of changes (27.01.05)lots of changes (28.01.05)lots of changes (26.02.05)more changes (25.05.05)lots of changes (07.06.05)lots of changes (08.06.05)miscellaneous changes (11.07.05)miscellaneous changes (09.04.06)Managing changes (16.04.06)Recovering from api changes (31.05.05)
ChangingChanging the primary key of a row (24.03.06)
CHARHK_CHARMoved HK_CHAR (25.01.06)
characterUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character...HK_CHAR
charactersprn2pdf renders box characters (21.10.06)setCpi()
charsfrozen console applications with non-ascii chars (10.03.05)
chcpprnprint and chcp (10.09.06)
checkcheck_same_thread (18.11.05)
checkinsCode checkins
CherryPycherrypy1.pycherrypy3.pycherrypy2.pyCherryPyEvening lecture and CherryPy (24.05.05)restarting with cherrypy 2.1 (16.11.05)first successes with cherrypy as toolkit (23.01.06)
childchild()Query: findone(), filter() and child() (23.03.06)
citiesCities10population of Belgian cities (03.05.05)
classnew class Populator (24.01.05)class methods in Python 2.3 (23.03.06)new class VolatileStore (03.04.06)New class TestSession required? (30.08.06)TaskUIanyrangeTextPrintermonthsdatatypes
cleanedcleaned up (14.01.05)
clevera clever solution (22.03.06)
clickstoring entries before (23.01.05)
cliprecording time of avi clip (31.10.05)
codeCode changesCode checkins27Task
codecUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character...
codepagecodepageprnprint on system with codepage 437 (17.11.05)How to change the default console codepage (11.09.06)
codepagesAbout codepages
columnforms.tixforms.DataGrid and column widths (11.02.06)
comesWhere the Runtime Data comes from
commandremoved --progress command line option of sync (12.10.06)
command-linecommand-line conversion "xxx to pdf" (04.04.05)changed command-line parser setup (19.04.05)sync: new command-line option "--ignore" (16.12.06)scripts
CommandsPrinter Control Commands
commitcommit fails (27.05.06)Trying to commit (05.01.07)25
CommittedCommitted revision 363 (08.04.06)Committed revision 364 (08.04.06)Committed revision 372. (02.05.06)Committed revision 378. (01.06.06)Committed revision 379. (14.06.06)Committed revision 380. (15.06.06)Committed revision 381. (22.06.06)Committed revision 382. (22.06.06)Committed revision 389. (09.07.06)Committed revision 394. (15.07.06)Committed revision 395 (19.07.06)Committed revision 396 (21.07.06)Committed revision 397 (22.07.06)Committed revision 398 (23.07.06)Committed revision 399 (24.07.06)Committed revision 400 (09.08.06)Committed revision 411 (11.08.06)Committed revision 413 (12.08.06)Committed revisions 414-415 (13.08.06)Committed revision 416 (13.08.06)Committed revision 418 (30.08.06)Committed revision 419 (07.09.06)Committed revision 420 (10.09.06)Committed revision 422 (21.09.06)Committed revision 423 (22.09.06)Committed revision 428 (21.10.06)Committed revision 429...435 (25.10.06)Committed revision 436 (25.10.06)Committed revision 440 (06.01.07)Committed revision 441 (17.01.07)Committed revision 449 (06.02.07)Committed revision 440 (13.02.07)Committed revision 455 (04.05.07)
commonStandard names for common keyboard events (22.06.06)
comparingcomparing Unicode and string (16.10.06)
completeRaceman now a complete Forms application (26.01.05)
completelysync completely rewritten (17.02.05)
complexEven for complex queries
computedprnprint computed wrong font size (13.01.05)
concurrentEasyGUI another concurrent for lino.forms (24.02.05)
ConfigParserConfigParser and a local lino.cfg (22.03.06)
connectnew Center.connect() (02.03.05)
ConnectionConnectionworking on firebird connection (07.09.05)27
connectionsMultiple connections per databasemultiple connections, populate() (10.01.05)
considerationsDataRow design considerations (31.03.06)
consoleConsoleconsoleconsoleconsole has now a progressbar() (04.02.05)GUI console (06.03.05)frozen console applications with non-ascii chars (10.03.05)show GUI console window during startup (13.03.05)system console and system session (01.07.05)Windows Console Driverfrozen GUI applications and console output (09.03.05)How to change the default console codepage (11.09.06)Moved lino.ui to lino.console (23.05.05)moving away from a singleton console (12.03.05)another article about non-ascii console (18.03.05)form, application, session, toolkit and console (08.03.06)UI
ConsoleApplicationConsoleApplicationConsoleApplication (27.04.05)CLI
contactsContactsContactsContactscontactscontacts_democontactscontacts_tables4New demo data for Contacts (31.03.06)Inserting rows in Contacts (13.09.06)Changed database structure in Contacts (24.03.06)
containslino.scripts now contains real scripts (13.03.06)
contentExtracting text content from a PDF file (25.07.05)6fixed: risizing form doesn't resize content (18.01.05)32
contextsshared tables with different language contexts (19.01.05)
continuedcontinued on lino.forms (17.01.05)
ControlPrinter Control Commands
ContructionWidget Contruction Kit (26.10.05)
conversioncommand-line conversion "xxx to pdf" (04.04.05)
convertedconverted last but 1 testcases (19.02.06)
convertingconverting tests (22.08.05)Converting pinboard (13.02.06)Converting races, ledger, examples (18.02.06)
convertsDbfReader converts empty strings to None (24.09.05)
copiesprinting multiple copies using prnprint (28.06.05)
copyrightcopyright notices in Lino files (13.01.05)More about copyright notices (14.01.05)
copyrightsGeneral information about copyrights (2005)
cosmeticCosmetic flaws (23.07.06)
cpaskeeper_cpas.pymoved (23.03.06)
CrashCrash in big addrbook demo (29.08.05)Crash is because of SUBST (05.09.05)Crash is not because of SUBST (06.09.05)Is crash due to sqlite? (05.09.05)pysqlite 2.0.4 solves the crash (12.09.05)
createssyscon now creates an automatic Application (13.08.06)New test 73 creates gendoc examples (26.10.06)
creatingSetting devmode.Orientation when creating the DC (09.08.06)
cryptographycryptography with Python (09.05.06)
cursorDBAPI 2.0 and cursor.rowcount (01.05.05)

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