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racemanRacemanRaceman, the frist Lino application (17.01.05)raceman now writes human-readable times to arrivals.txt (21.01.05)Raceman now a complete Forms application (26.01.05)The first Raceman installation on the field (13.03.05)
racesConverting races, ledger, examples (18.02.06)
ratioFont height/width ratio with Win32TextPrinter (22.09.06)Win32TextPrinter and font width/height ratio (02.06.05)ratio_size2leading
readHow to read Excel's .xls files (22.03.06)
readerpdf_reader for Keeper (25.07.05)
readynot yet ready to run on a stable Debian (02.02.06)
real66lino.scripts now contains real scripts (13.03.06)
reanimatedpds2pdf reanimated (05.07.06)mirror loading from DBF reanimated (24.07.06)
recordingrecording time of avi clip (31.10.05)
recoveringRecovering from api changes (31.05.05)
recursessync no longer recurses into subdirs (24.11.05) no longer recurses into subdirectories (27.02.06)
redirectedtesting whether stdout is redirected to a file (22.08.05)
referencesfile references don't work (13.01.05)
refreshBaseJob.refresh() (14.03.05)
releaseRelease notes (obsolete)release 0.6.3pre (29.12.04)release 0.6.3 is out (15.02.05)release 0.6.5 (25.03.05)release 0.6.6 (30.03.05)release 0.6.7 (06.04.05)release 0.6.8 (07.04.05)release 0.6.8 (hello) (12.04.05)release 0.6.9 (timtools) (28.04.05)worked on release process (25.01.05)
releasedreleased version 0.6.4 (12.03.05)Released timtools 0.6.11 (23.09.05)TIM-Tools 0.6.10 released (06.07.05)timtools 0.6.12 released (17.10.05)timtools 0.6.13 released (17.11.05)timtools 0.6.14 released (12.12.05)timtools 0.6.15 released (06.01.06)timtools 0.6.16 released (23.05.06)timtools 0.6.17 released (28.05.06)timtools 0.6.18 released (29.05.06)timtools 0.6.19 released (22.08.06)timtools 0.6.20 released (30.08.06)timtools 0.6.21 released (22.09.06)timtools 0.6.22 released (30.09.06)timtools 0.6.24 released (16.10.06)timtools 0.6.25 released (26.10.06)timtools 0.6.26 released (28.11.06)timtools 0.6.27 released (16.12.06)timtools 0.6.28 released (06.02.07)timtools 0.6.29 released (08.02.07)timtools 0.6.30 released (07.05.07)timtools 0.6.31 released (08.05.07)timtools 0.6.33 released (07.06.07)timtools 0.6.32 released (04.06.07)timtools 0.6.34 released (07.06.07)
RemovedRemoved useless i18n warning (28.04.06)removed --progress command line option of sync (12.10.06)
renamedrenamed "accept_" to "validate_" (23.01.05)renamed info() to notice() (12.03.05)
renderreports: render tabular data
rendersprn2pdf renders box characters (21.10.06)
ReplaceReplace Hypertext with XIST? (20.01.06)Replace HyperText with pyWeb? (22.01.06)
replacesLedger replaces Sprl (16.08.05)
reportreport()Report0.6.7 installation report (07.04.05)Navigator, Report and setupMenu() (18.07.05)
ReportGridFormReportGridFormINS and DEL in ReportGridForm (19.07.06)
ReportLabReportLab Toolkitupdated reportlab version (12.04.05)Moved to Reportlab 2.0 (21.10.06)ImportError: No module named reportlab.lib
ReportRowReportRowReportRow.values instead of .cells (13.07.05)
reportsreports: render tabular datareports1.pyreportsreportsProblem reportsnew (07.01.05)Using Reports to write data (22.04.06)new package lino.reports (05.01.05)New strategy to define application reports (13.02.06)
reproducingScript for reproducing the hebrew transformation (23.09.05)
requiredNew class TestSession required? (30.08.06)
resizefixed: risizing form doesn't resize content (18.01.05)
resolvedTest failures resolved (21.09.06)
resourceTkinter resource wiki (10.02.06)
resourcesNo resources available (25.04.06)
restartingrestarting with cherrypy 2.1 (16.11.05)
Resultsysinfo displays result of EnumFontFamilies() (08.09.06)
resurrectionThe resurrection of (03.05.07)
returnedpDevMode returned by win32print.GetPrinter() is None (04.02.07)sql2value()
revisionCommitted revision 363 (08.04.06)Committed revision 364 (08.04.06)Committed revision 372. (02.05.06)Committed revision 378. (01.06.06)Committed revision 379. (14.06.06)Committed revision 380. (15.06.06)Committed revision 381. (22.06.06)Committed revision 382. (22.06.06)Committed revision 389. (09.07.06)Committed revision 394. (15.07.06)Committed revision 395 (19.07.06)Committed revision 396 (21.07.06)Committed revision 397 (22.07.06)Committed revision 398 (23.07.06)Committed revision 399 (24.07.06)Committed revision 400 (09.08.06)Committed revision 411 (11.08.06)Committed revision 413 (12.08.06)Committed revision 416 (13.08.06)Committed revision 418 (30.08.06)Committed revision 419 (07.09.06)Committed revision 420 (10.09.06)Committed revision 422 (21.09.06)Committed revision 423 (22.09.06)Committed revision 428 (21.10.06)Committed revision 429...435 (25.10.06)Committed revision 436 (25.10.06)Committed revision 440 (06.01.07)Committed revision 441 (17.01.07)Committed revision 449 (06.02.07)Committed revision 440 (13.02.07)Committed revision 455 (04.05.07)
revisionsCommitted revisions 414-415 (13.08.06)
rewrittensync completely rewritten (17.02.05)DataRow.vetoDelete() rewritten (04.03.06)
risizingfixed: risizing form doesn't resize content (18.01.05)
rowcountDBAPI 2.0 and cursor.rowcount (01.05.05)
rowsInserting rows in a form (10.04.06)locking new rows (13.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (13.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (16.04.06)Inserting rows in a form (18.04.06)Inserting rows in Contacts (13.09.06)
rsyncrsync.pyworked on rsync (10.02.05)
rtlibrtlibnew directory rtlib/emacs (22.02.06)
runningget testcases running (14.11.05)
runpyrunpy.exe failed when frozen (11.12.05)New TIM Tool "runpy.exe" (09.12.05)Goggled for runpy.exe (11.12.05)
runtestsruntests.pyruntests now stops upon first error or failure (03.05.05) no longer recurses into subdirectories (27.02.06)
RuntimeUno Runtime Environment (URE) (17.06.05)Runtime data files (05.09.05)Where the Runtime Data comes from

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