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code changes shows information about Windows default printer

Thursday, 25. May 2006 10:33. now shows printer information as returned by win32print.GetPrinter().

(I had to upgrade to pywin32 build 208 because the GetPrinter of my version didn't yet know about a level parameter.)

Here is a first snippet which I used to explore the results of GetPrinter():

  def diag_printer(out,printerName=None):
          import win32print
      except ImportError,e:
          out.write("No module win32print (%s)\n" % e)

if printerName is None: printerName=win32print.GetDefaultPrinter() out.write("Printer %s\n" % printerName) h=win32print.OpenPrinter(printerName) for lvl in (1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9): out.write("GetPrinter(%d,%d): %r\n" % (h,lvl,win32print.GetPrinter(h,lvl))) win32print.ClosePrinter(h)

import sys diag_printer(sys.stdout)

And here is the output (manually indented):

Printer Lexmark Optra PS
GetPrinter(1398484,1): {
  'pName': 'Lexmark Optra PS',
  'pDescription': 'Lexmark Optra PS,Lexmark Optra PS,',
  'Flags': 8388608,
  'pComment': ''
GetPrinter(1398484,2): {
  'Status': 0,
  'UntilTime': 1380,
  'pDriverName': 'Lexmark Optra PS',
  'cJobs': 0,
  'pSepFile': '',
  'AveragePPM': 0,
  'pPortName': 'FILE:',
  'pParameters': '',
  'pPrintProcessor': 'WinPrint',
  'Attributes': 576,
  'Priority': 1,
  'pPrinterName': 'Lexmark Optra PS',
  'DefaultPriority': 0,
  'StartTime': 1380,
  'pDatatype': 'RAW',
  'pDevMode': ,
  'pLocation': '',
  'pShareName': '',
  'pServerName': None,
  'pSecurityDescriptor': ,
  'pComment': ''
GetPrinter(1398484,3): {'pSecurityDescriptor': }
GetPrinter(1398484,4): {'pPrinterName': 'Lexmark Optra PS', 'pServerName': 
None, 'Attributes': 576}
GetPrinter(1398484,5): {
  'TransmissionRetryTimeout': 45000,
  'pPrinterName': 'Lexmark Optra PS',
  'DeviceNotSelectedTimeout': 15000,
  'Attributes': 576,
  'pPortName': 'FILE:'
GetPrinter(1398484,7): {'Action': 4, 'ObjectGUID': None}
GetPrinter(1398484,8): {'pDevMode': }
GetPrinter(1398484,9): {'pDevMode': None}

What is a PyDEVMODE object? The pywin32 documentation just says «Python object wrapping a DEVMODE structure».

What is a DEVMODE structure?;EN-US;Q167345.

I changed the lines between OpenPrinter() and ClosePrinter() as follows:

    for n in dir(devmode):
        if n != 'DriverData' and n[0]!='_':
            out.write("%r\t%r\n" % (n,getattr(devmode,n)))

And again the result:

Printer Lexmark Optra PS
'BitsPerPel'    0L
'Collate'       1
'Color' 1
'Copies'        1
'DefaultSource' 15
'DeviceName'    'Lexmark Optra PS'
'DisplayFlags'  1L
'DisplayFrequency'      0L
'DitherType'    0L
'DriverExtra'   708
'DriverVersion' 1282
'Duplex'        1
'Fields'        130899L
'FormName'      'A4'
'ICMIntent'     2L
'ICMMethod'     1L
'LogPixels'     0
'MediaType'     1L
'Nup'   1L
'Orientation'   1
'PanningHeight' 0L
'PanningWidth'  0L
'PaperLength'   2970
'PaperSize'     9
'PaperWidth'    2100
'PelsHeight'    0L
'PelsWidth'     0L
'Position_x'    589825
'Position_y'    137628570
'PrintQuality'  600
'Reserved1'     0L
'Reserved2'     0L
'Scale' 100
'Size'  156
'SpecVersion'   1025
'TTOption'      3
'YResolution'   600

(Later I moved this to

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