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Printer Control Commands

The textprinter module currently «emulates» only one fictive printer. It is possible to write drivers for existing printers.

The fictive printer emulated by textprinter can print in landscape mode, set the character size, print bold, underlined and/or italic text. And (a feature that no real printer had) it can print pictures from a .jpg file.

A control sequence is always started by ESC, in Python code you would write "\033" or "\x1b".

ESC "c12" SPC select 12 cpi
ESC "b1" activate bold font
ESC "b0" deactivate bold font
ESC "i1" activate italic font
ESC "i0" deactivate italic font
ESC "u1" activate underlined font
ESC "u0" deactivate underlined font

ESC means : a byte of value 0x1B (Escape)
SPC means : a byte of value 0x20 (Space)

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