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opens the user's default mail client with a ready-to-send but not-yet-sent mail message.


Before calling openmail, you write the contents of your message to a temporary file, using a simplified RFC 2822 format.

Usage example:

1. Create a file TMP.EML with the following content:

     Subject: Kontoauszug

Sehr geehrter Kunde!

Wir erlauben uns, Sie auf folgende, noch ausstehende Rechnungen aufmerksam zu machen :


Mit freundlichen Grüßen

If the file contains non-ASCII characters, it should be cp850 encoded.

2. At the command line, type:

     lino openmail TMP.EML

How openmail does it

openmail reads the specified file, then constructs a «mailto:» link and launches the default web browser with this URL. 46 contains some testcases.

So the result is the same as clicking on a "mailto" link. The browser is responsible for invoking the mail client correctly. And the user for configuring her browser so that "mailto:" links work.

Test: Does your browser invoke your e-mail client correctly?

- first

The subject is quite complex, and it is likely that openmail does not work out of the box. Don't hesitate to contact me.

Sources of information

- The mailto URL scheme

- comprehensive description of mailto URLs

- states that multiline-bodies must be specified using multiple "body=" attributes. (But "This feature will NOT work with all e-mail programs, in which case the body information appears as a single line.")

Alternative approaches (instead of using the mailto link) could be:

Setting the default browser

The windows registry key


should contain

rundll32.exe url.dll,MailToProtocolHandler %1


- C:\Programme\\Mozilla\mozilla.exe -browser "mailto:%1"

- C:\PROGRA~1\Qualcomm\Eudora\Eudora.exe /m %1 `ForceDDEForHandlingMailto=1`in `[Settings]` section of `eudora.ini`.

-;EN-US;154359 How to Change Default Mail Client for Internet Explorer


-;EN-US;149617: Eudora Changes Default MailTo Handler

- "Internet Explorer (version 6, anyway) uses Windows Messaging by default to invoke a mailer on a mailto: link. Only if the MAPI install is misconfigured will it resort to directly accessing the mailto association key."

Refering articles:

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