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Why the name «Lino»?

There is no serious reason. Consider «Lino» just as a personalization. I like to give human names to my software projects because they are in many respects like a person to me.

Maybe you remember Lino Ventura. At least I did so in 1990 when I chose this name for a never-published tool to visualize the "Links" and "Objects" of a datamodel defined for a proprietary database server. So «Lino» was also an acronym for «Linked Objects». The tool has gone, but the name remained in my head.

Afterwards I realized that "Lino" could be interpreted as "Lucs Increasingly Never-ending Obsessions"...

When I noticed that a «Lino» may also refer to an imagesetter (webopedia), some people including myself were already so much used to «Lino» that a rename seems difficult.

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