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Tuesday, 13. February 2007 19:08.

A severe bug due to Integrating PyQt into Lino (18.01.07) which occured most clearly in tests/ took me some time. The reason was that qtconn.Connection.sql2value() returned a QString object instead of UnicodeString.

ERROR: test01 (19.Case)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 109, in test01
    eupen = sess.query(City).appendRow(nation=be,name="Eupen")
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 957, in appendRow
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 370, in unlock
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 386, in commit
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 315, in setAutoRowId
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 248, in executeGetLastId
    l.append("%s = %s" % (n,self.value2sql(knownId,t)))
  File "c:\lino\trunk\src\lino\adamo\", line 151, in value2sql
    raise TypeError, repr(val)

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