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Sync broken in 0.6.20 and 0.6.19

Wednesday, 6. September 2006 12:39.

sync was broken timtools 0.6.20 and timtools 0.6.19. Sync users should not install these releases. The problem is now fixed. Here is how it looked:

Traceback (most recent call last):en (0 neuer), 125 kopieren, 360 löschen.
  File "", line 1, in ?
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\", line 81, in ?
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\scripts\", line 108, in main
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\console\", line 168, in main
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\scripts\", line 99, in run
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\console\", line 106, in runtask
    return task.runfrom(self.toolkit,*args,**kw)
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\console\", line 113, in runfrom*args,**kw)
  File "c:\drives\t\svnwork\lino\trunk\src\lino\tools\", line 193, in run
AttributeError: SyncProject instance has no attribute 'setMaxVal'

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