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#28 : slow startup after upgrade

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timtools now with py2exe *and* McMillan

Wednesday, 6. April 2005 13:24.

On the Download page there are now two variants of the TIM tools. Although they are functionally equivalent, they are packaged using different techniques (one with py2exe, the other with McMillan Installer.

The reason for this is that one user reported massive performance degradation (see timtools: poor startup speed after upgrade). To facilitate testing, Console.shutdown() now writes a notice("Done after %f seconds."). So if you launch «diag.exe -v», you will get a message indicating the total run time of the program.

However this may be inaccurate because Lino starts counting seconds only when the console is instantiated, so after most of Python has been loaded. Is there a way to get the «system time at program startup» more accurately?

Interesting is what Guido van Rossum wrote in May 2003 about Python 2.3: «While Python's general speed has gone up, its startup speed has slowed down!». And what Jeremy Hylton wrote in July 2003. Although this problem is not the cause for my problem since I didn't upgrade Python.

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